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A letter to my son on his 10th birthday

My dearest Jaxson,

Today you are 10!  Double digits.  The big 1-0.  You have been on this earth for an entire decade!!!  This is a big HUGE birthday!

10 years ago you made me a mother.  You flipped our world upside down.  And it has been the most amazing 10 years.  We really lucked out when God gave us you as our first child.  You made us think we were awesome parents since you were such an easy baby.  We thought we knew exactly what we were doing.  I mean you barely cried, you slept through the night very early (like really slept through the night…not the slept through the night that some parents talk about when their kid really only slept like 6 hours…but like the legit 12 hour sleeping through the night), you were so happy and always smiling and giggling.  We thought we were rock stars.  But then we had Jenna and we did exactly the same stuff as we did with you…and we realized we were not rock stars.  You were the rock star.  You just made us look good!  And honestly…10 years later, you still do that.  You are such a sweet, smart, kind boy (who still sleeps like a beast!) and you continue to make parenting you easy.  We hit the JACKPOT with you.

You and me…we have this bond.   I know you absolutely adore your dad…he is the one you ask for play catch with, he is the one you ask to play Madden with, he is the one you want at your games and practices, he is the one you sit next to on the couch, he is the one you talk sports with.  But I am the one who can fix anything, cure anything, talk to about anything.  I am the one who when you need a hug, or good cuddle, you come to me.  And those are the moments I live for.  I love it so much.  Our bond is tight.

You have discovered a new love this year…and it is football.  You love it so much that you decided to give up baseball this spring and play flag football and soccer, which is extremely tiring since there is a practice/game everyday of the week.  However, just seeing how much joy it brings you makes it all worth it.  So your sports this year include, soccer, football, swim and basketball.  I will admit I was sad to see baseball go, however, I want you to play sports that make you happy…and I can see how happy football makes you.  But remember…NO TACKLE until middle school!

Another huge development this year…you are only a “little” allergic to peanuts!!!!  A week ago, you did a peanut challenge where you ate 8 grams (required amount to be cleared of an allergy) and just before we were officially cleared you started sneezing and you developed a stuffy/runny nose.  The doctor declared that you were only a little allergic and that we can work on building a tolerance to peanuts at home by giving you small doses of peanuts at home.  This is going okay…but it is noted, that you HATED the reese’s pieces and peanut butter cups that you were to eat during the challenge (and I think HATED in an understatement).

4th grade is going great.  You love your teacher and you are excelling in all your classes.   You are a straight A student and you have made honor roll every quarter this year.   You have a bit of a hard time focusing on things that do not peak your interest, but you are working on this since clearly, this is something you will have to deal with on the daily for the rest of your life.

You are definitely growing into a handsome young man.  I look at you and I can see what you will look like in 3 years or 10 years and I must say…I am proud.  You are such a beautiful person inside and out.  Now lets not rush this age thing though.  It scares me to think that my little boy is growing up.  I want to cherish every little thing about you right now.  Your smile, your boyish giggle, your baby soft skin, your button nose.

Here are 10 things I want you to know as you enter this next decade of your life:

  1.  You are smart.
  2.  You are kind.
  3. Have your own opinions.
  4. Have self-respect.
  5. Treat girls (and everyone for that matter) with respect.
  6. Not everyone is nice, but you can chose to be.
  7. You can tell me anything, without judgement.
  8. Trust your gut.
  9. I have been there…well maybe not but I am sure daddy has…and he can relate.
  10. You are loved!

Dearest son, you have one decade down, and a ton more to go.  This decade was way better than I could have ever imagined.  I have always said that you were put on this earth to do BIG things and I can’t wait to see what this next decade has in store for you!

Love you more than words can express,







10th birthday interview

One of my favorite birthday traditions continued

Jaxson’s favorite things as a 10 year old:

Favorite color: neon tie dye

Favorite animal: cheetah

Favorite book: black panther

Favorite food: pizza

Favorite store: dick’s sporting goods

Favorite toy/game: Madden

Favorite sports team: packers

Favorite tv show: Henry Danger

Favorite movie: Jumanji

Favorite song: Uptown Funk

Best Friend: Channing

Favorite snack: popcorn

Favorite drink: powerade

What do you sleep with: blue blanket and different stuffed animals, one for each night

Favorite breakfast: eggs, bacon

Girlfriend???:  NO!!!!

Favorite sport: football

Favorite school subject: math

Least favorite food: peanut butter

What do you want to be when you grow up:  not sure

6 year old stats

Jenna’s 6 year old stats

Height: 3′ 7.75″ (43.75 inches)…22.3 percentile

Weight: 46lb, 6.4 oz…59 percentile


Jenna’s 6th interview

Age 6

Favorite color: all colors except for black

Favorite animal: horse, dog, cat

Favorite book: strawberry shortcake and piggie and gerald

Favorite food: blue doritos (cool ranch), chex mix

Favorite store: toys r us

Favorite toy: babies, barbies and playing school

Favorite tv show: slime youtube videos, loud house, stuck in the middle

Favorite movie: moana and minions

Favorite song: shut up and dance with me, moana, let me love you (justin bieber)

Favorite breakfast: sausage, yogurt and cheerios

Favorite sport: dance, gymnastics and basketball (to which she said…well i like to dribble)

Who do you sleep with at night: stuffies, hippo and blanket with stars

What do you want to be when you grow up: teacher and a mom just like mrs. cook

Do you have a boyfriend: no…but i have boys that are friends like Thomas and Adam

A letter to my daughter on her 6th birthday


We have discussed this year after year after year.  You need to stop getting older.  Like for real.  My baby can not possibly be 6!

And not only are you you 6 but you are going into 1st grade!  What?!?!?!?!?!  How is this even possible!

You love school.  You love going to school, you love coming home to play school, you love everything about school.  You can’t wait for the summer to be over so that you can get back to learning.

Sports…you love baseball, dance and swimming and have really excelled at all of them.  This coming year you decided you want to try gymnastics which I really think you will love because all you do at home is cartwheels, a handstands and backbends.  I think this is right up your alley.

You make us laugh every.single.day.  You have the best one liners and the best facial expressions.  You definitely know how to drop the mic.

You are the best hugger and cuddler.  You will just climb up in our laps and cuddle.  This melts my heart.  I swear your head just fits perfectly on my chest.  In the mornings from your bed, you will call us in to your room to give us a hug and then pull us down for a morning cuddle.  I will always make time for a morning cuddle.

And…you LOVE sleep.  If you don’t get enough sleep…or if we have to wake you up early…watch out.  You will lose your mind at some point during the day and you will turn into the devil child.  Guaranteed!  We walk on eggs shells around tired Jenna because nobody wants the wrath of Jenna.

You love your brother so much that sometimes is hurts…like for real.  You are always trying to give him a hug or a kiss or rub his head and when he is in the mood…all is good in the world.  However sometimes, your brother just needs to be left alone and when you go in for the hug and he pushes you away, you need to learn to walk away and try again later.  But instead, you try again and again and again until eventually you walk away crying.

You so desperately want to have a younger sibling.  A baby.  You are always asking for us to have a baby…just one more…that it is.  I know you would be an amazing big sister.  You would be such a little mom.  However, my response every time is that we already had a baby…and it was you.  But somehow along the way you grew up.

Your favorite things right now:

Slime.  It is so bizarre to me.  You love to watch people on you tube make slime and then you like to try and make your own slime.  I have so many cups and ziplock baggies full of your attempts of slime.  I need school to start to that I can just mysteriously make them all disappear.

Barbies.  You will play barbies for hours.  I love watching you play.  You will set up an entire barbie village and it brings me back to my childhood where I would do the same.

Minecraft.  I dont get it…but I blame Jaxson for this one.

Bike riding.  You want to ride up and down the street all day.  I think it is a sense of independence or maybe the fact that your brother rides all over the neighborhood with his friends that you are practicing for the day when you can do the same.

Legos.  Similar to barbies.  You build little towns and villages that take up a portion of our basement.

Babies.  You love to play with babies.  You will play daycare, house, school, camp…anything basically where you can tell babies what to do.

I love your imagination.  You can tell stories that will go on for hours…sometimes days. You just keep on going and going and going.

You are so full of life.  You do everything to the extreme.  Nothing stops you and I hope nothing every will.  You are perfectly you!

These are my 6 wishes for your 6th birthday:

I wish for you:

  1. To love yourself just the way you are.  Last week you said “I am so beautiful with makeup” and daddy looked at you and said “you are more beautiful without makeup”.  I want you to love everything about you without needing to cover any of it up.
  2. To have great friends – this does not mean being the most popular.  This means finding your squad who will be with you thru thick and thin.  Find the ones who will love you for you.
  3. To always love your body.  Right now you think a big belly is awesome and you love your big belly.  Someday you will not love everything about you…but just remember that YOU are beautiful. You don’t have to be skinny or tall to be beautiful. Beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes.
  4. To be your brother’s best friend.  This summer you went to a camp together and it was just the two of you in this camp.  I said “please get along and dont fight…you fight enough at home.”  You responded with “i will just pretend he is my best friend.”  I want for you to not have to pretend he is your best friend.  I want him to be your best friend.  I want him to be the one you can count on and trust.  You will appreciate this later in life
  5. To just keep dancing and singing and jumping and running.  Your love of life and how you say “I can’t sit still right now…my body wants to dance” makes me happy!  I want you to do you.  Dance and sing your little heart out.
  6. To be positive.  I hate when I hear you say “I can’t do this”.  I want you to know that you can do anything you put your mind to.  Stay positive and don’t let the negative set in.  This is a life lesson.  It will get you far.

I love you more than you will ever know goosey goo!  You are my mini-me and together we will conquer anything!  I am so glad God chose me to be your momma.





Jaxson’s 9 year stats

Height: 53″ (60th percentile)

Weight: 74lbs  (80th percentile) (this is crazy big to me however jaxson is just all muscle)

Handsome factor: off the charts!


9th birthday interview

And the tradition continues.  Here is the ever important interview.

Jaxson at 9 years old….

Favorite color: tie dye

Favorite animal: fish

Favorite book: diary of a wimpy kid

Favorite food: pizza

Favorite store: dick’s sporting goods

Favorite toy/game: minecraft

Favorite sports team: packers

Favorite tv show: loud house

Favorite movie: diary of a wimpy kid

Favorite song: Fall out boy…my songs know what you did in the dark

Best Friend: John Guidotti

Favorite snack: popcorn

Favorite drink: powerade

What do you sleep with: blue blanket and different stuffed animals, one for each night

Favorite breakfast: donuts, eggs, bacon

Girlfriend???:  NO!!!!

Favorite sport: soccer

Favorite thing you like to play outside: soccer

Least favorite food: potatoes

What do you want to be when you grow up:  an engineer or a professional soccer player.