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6 year old stats

Jenna’s 6 year old stats

Height: 3′ 7.75″ (43.75 inches)…22.3 percentile

Weight: 46lb, 6.4 oz…59 percentile


Jenna’s 6th interview

Age 6

Favorite color: all colors except for black

Favorite animal: horse, dog, cat

Favorite book: strawberry shortcake and piggie and gerald

Favorite food: blue doritos (cool ranch), chex mix

Favorite store: toys r us

Favorite toy: babies, barbies and playing school

Favorite tv show: slime youtube videos, loud house, stuck in the middle

Favorite movie: moana and minions

Favorite song: shut up and dance with me, moana, let me love you (justin bieber)

Favorite breakfast: sausage, yogurt and cheerios

Favorite sport: dance, gymnastics and basketball (to which she said…well i like to dribble)

Who do you sleep with at night: stuffies, hippo and blanket with stars

What do you want to be when you grow up: teacher and a mom just like mrs. cook

Do you have a boyfriend: no…but i have boys that are friends like Thomas and Adam

A letter to my daughter on her 6th birthday


We have discussed this year after year after year.  You need to stop getting older.  Like for real.  My baby can not possibly be 6!

And not only are you you 6 but you are going into 1st grade!  What?!?!?!?!?!  How is this even possible!

You love school.  You love going to school, you love coming home to play school, you love everything about school.  You can’t wait for the summer to be over so that you can get back to learning.

Sports…you love baseball, dance and swimming and have really excelled at all of them.  This coming year you decided you want to try gymnastics which I really think you will love because all you do at home is cartwheels, a handstands and backbends.  I think this is right up your alley.

You make us laugh every.single.day.  You have the best one liners and the best facial expressions.  You definitely know how to drop the mic.

You are the best hugger and cuddler.  You will just climb up in our laps and cuddle.  This melts my heart.  I swear your head just fits perfectly on my chest.  In the mornings from your bed, you will call us in to your room to give us a hug and then pull us down for a morning cuddle.  I will always make time for a morning cuddle.

And…you LOVE sleep.  If you don’t get enough sleep…or if we have to wake you up early…watch out.  You will lose your mind at some point during the day and you will turn into the devil child.  Guaranteed!  We walk on eggs shells around tired Jenna because nobody wants the wrath of Jenna.

You love your brother so much that sometimes is hurts…like for real.  You are always trying to give him a hug or a kiss or rub his head and when he is in the mood…all is good in the world.  However sometimes, your brother just needs to be left alone and when you go in for the hug and he pushes you away, you need to learn to walk away and try again later.  But instead, you try again and again and again until eventually you walk away crying.

You so desperately want to have a younger sibling.  A baby.  You are always asking for us to have a baby…just one more…that it is.  I know you would be an amazing big sister.  You would be such a little mom.  However, my response every time is that we already had a baby…and it was you.  But somehow along the way you grew up.

Your favorite things right now:

Slime.  It is so bizarre to me.  You love to watch people on you tube make slime and then you like to try and make your own slime.  I have so many cups and ziplock baggies full of your attempts of slime.  I need school to start to that I can just mysteriously make them all disappear.

Barbies.  You will play barbies for hours.  I love watching you play.  You will set up an entire barbie village and it brings me back to my childhood where I would do the same.

Minecraft.  I dont get it…but I blame Jaxson for this one.

Bike riding.  You want to ride up and down the street all day.  I think it is a sense of independence or maybe the fact that your brother rides all over the neighborhood with his friends that you are practicing for the day when you can do the same.

Legos.  Similar to barbies.  You build little towns and villages that take up a portion of our basement.

Babies.  You love to play with babies.  You will play daycare, house, school, camp…anything basically where you can tell babies what to do.

I love your imagination.  You can tell stories that will go on for hours…sometimes days. You just keep on going and going and going.

You are so full of life.  You do everything to the extreme.  Nothing stops you and I hope nothing every will.  You are perfectly you!

These are my 6 wishes for your 6th birthday:

I wish for you:

  1. To love yourself just the way you are.  Last week you said “I am so beautiful with makeup” and daddy looked at you and said “you are more beautiful without makeup”.  I want you to love everything about you without needing to cover any of it up.
  2. To have great friends – this does not mean being the most popular.  This means finding your squad who will be with you thru thick and thin.  Find the ones who will love you for you.
  3. To always love your body.  Right now you think a big belly is awesome and you love your big belly.  Someday you will not love everything about you…but just remember that YOU are beautiful. You don’t have to be skinny or tall to be beautiful. Beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes.
  4. To be your brother’s best friend.  This summer you went to a camp together and it was just the two of you in this camp.  I said “please get along and dont fight…you fight enough at home.”  You responded with “i will just pretend he is my best friend.”  I want for you to not have to pretend he is your best friend.  I want him to be your best friend.  I want him to be the one you can count on and trust.  You will appreciate this later in life
  5. To just keep dancing and singing and jumping and running.  Your love of life and how you say “I can’t sit still right now…my body wants to dance” makes me happy!  I want you to do you.  Dance and sing your little heart out.
  6. To be positive.  I hate when I hear you say “I can’t do this”.  I want you to know that you can do anything you put your mind to.  Stay positive and don’t let the negative set in.  This is a life lesson.  It will get you far.

I love you more than you will ever know goosey goo!  You are my mini-me and together we will conquer anything!  I am so glad God chose me to be your momma.





Jaxson’s 9 year stats

Height: 53″ (60th percentile)

Weight: 74lbs  (80th percentile) (this is crazy big to me however jaxson is just all muscle)

Handsome factor: off the charts!


9th birthday interview

And the tradition continues.  Here is the ever important interview.

Jaxson at 9 years old….

Favorite color: tie dye

Favorite animal: fish

Favorite book: diary of a wimpy kid

Favorite food: pizza

Favorite store: dick’s sporting goods

Favorite toy/game: minecraft

Favorite sports team: packers

Favorite tv show: loud house

Favorite movie: diary of a wimpy kid

Favorite song: Fall out boy…my songs know what you did in the dark

Best Friend: John Guidotti

Favorite snack: popcorn

Favorite drink: powerade

What do you sleep with: blue blanket and different stuffed animals, one for each night

Favorite breakfast: donuts, eggs, bacon

Girlfriend???:  NO!!!!

Favorite sport: soccer

Favorite thing you like to play outside: soccer

Least favorite food: potatoes

What do you want to be when you grow up:  an engineer or a professional soccer player.


A letter to my son on your 9th birthday

My dearest Jaxson-

You are 9 today.  And I am not even sure how it is possible that I am a mother of a 9 year old.  A 9 YEAR OLD!!!!  aaaahhhh.  You are one year away from double digits.  You are half way to adulthood.  This growing up stuff is hard for me.  Some day you will understand.  I promise.  And I know it is so cliche’ but I so want time to stop.  Right now.

You are my best buddy.  Now that you are “older” we let you stay up until 9pm and this is when we bond.  I love that you love watching Survivor and Amazing Race with me.  It makes you feel “grown-up”.  And I love this hour of just sitting with you next to me, uninterrupted…just you and me time.

This year we have let you be more independent with your friends.  We let you ride your bike to your friends houses, go to the park, etc…as long as you are home by dinner.  And if you are not out and about, our doorbell is constantly ringing with friends wanting to play.  It reminds me of my childhood and it makes me happy knowing that you are having the same experiences I did when I was a kid.

Sportswise, I thought this was the year that you were going to pick a favorite sport and want to play it all the time, however this is not the case.  Instead, you decided you wanted to add another sport to your list.  Track.  You loved it.  Which we knew you would because you are FAST.  You have always been fast.  You get this from your dad.   We have decided that you love sports that are both individual and team orientated; like swim and track.  And you love the aspect that both of those sports are instant gratification sports.  If you win, you get a ribbon or a medal instantly.  No waiting until the end of the year to see if where your team stands.  So now fall sports include swim and soccer; winter sports are swim, track and basketball; spring sports are swim and baseball and summer is just swim.

Schoolwise, 3rd grade!  This is the first year where you get actual letter grades and at first this made you a little nervous.  You got your first F on an assignment and it freaked you out.  I think it was a good thing, because it made you realize that you need to work hard to get grades the grades you want.  Things just don’t come easy anymore.  And you have excelled in 3rd grade.  You have made honor roll every quarter and your favorite subject is math.  Math just comes easy to you…you get this from me…but I am sure you dad would say otherwise.

When you are feeling like it, you are an amazing big brother.  You teach her things, you play with her, you help her.  While you two don’t always get along, you are starting to realize that she is only 5 and she looks up to you…everything you do.  And so you are starting to have a bit more compassion to her…even when she is at her sassiest!

You love to draw.  You received a sketchbook as a gift and you take that thing everywhere with you.  I love seeing your creativity and imagination in your drawings.  You also have finally found a love for reading.  I knew that someday it would come…and it has arrived.  Right now you are currently reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and you are flying through them.

So these past 9 years you have changed dramatically.  You started off as my little baby…and now you are a little man ready to take on the world.  However, you should know that over these next 9 years, before you become an official adult, you will also undergo drastic changes.  Here are 9 things that you can expect and look forward to in your last 9 years of childhood:

  1. Girls…your feelings towards girls will change.  And one day you will like a girl…and she will break your heart…and I will make her pay 🙂
  2. Hair…it will start growing in places you do not expect.
  3. Voice changes…welcome the cracking the voice.
  4. Acne…enjoy your baby smooth skin now!
  5. Body odor…when you are wondering why everything around you smells like a sweaty gym, know that it is you and you need to take care of that ASAP.
  6. Middle School…AHHHHHHH.
  7. High School….double AHHHHHH.
  8. Driving…it will be a upgrade from your huffy.
  9. me crying alot because I will be having visions over the next 9 years of you moving out, going to college, getting an amazing job, finding the love of your life, choosing her over me, marrying her…etc…you get the picture.

But okay lets not get ahead of ourselves.  Be 9!  Enjoy 9!  We can tackle the rest of those issues later.  For now, just remember to be you!  You are perfect!

God knew what he was doing when he gave you to us.  You are my sunshine monkey moo!

Happy Birthday!

Love forever,

Your Mom

Jenna’s 5th Birthday


As I sit here and write you this letter, I find myself amazed that while you have only been part of this family for 5 years, I feel like you have been with us forever.  I still look at you and wonder where my baby with jet black hair has gone and how you have turned into this beautiful blonde little girl.

Jenna-week one 029


I have a hard time putting you in to words.  You are full of spunk and sass and attitude, but you have the biggest heart and are so caring about your friends.  You have the emotions of a teenager (which really scares me for the future) and the feistiness of Natalie from the Dixie Chicks (look up that reference when you are older).  You are a tom-boy but one that wears a dress.   You have the best facial expressions and always have the funniest one liners.  You make us laugh everyday.

You are perfectly you!


This is the perfect example of you at your finest.  Yesterday your brother asked his magic 8 ball if you were going to cry anymore tonight.  The magic 8 ball said “absolutely”.  You said “no I am not…I don’t cry”.  Then as the night went on you came running up to me crying saying that “while you were playing American ninja warrior, Jaxson moved the pillow when he jumped on it”.  And I said “jenna…stop crying…just move the pillow back…and I guess the magic 8 ball was right since it said you were going to cry tonight”.  Which then set you off even more and you cried “how did it know???? how did the magic 8 ball know I was going to cry???”  lol.

Soon you will be starting kindergarten and I am so not ready for that to happen.  You are still my baby and there is just no way that it is possible that you are old enough to start elementary school.  However, you are ready!  You have been ready.  You want to walk with Jaxson to the “big kid” school and you want to have art class and PE class and music class.  You want to see this “school library” that Jaxson talks about where you get books from school and you can bring them home every week and you don’t have to drive there.  You are going to love it.  Everything about it.


This year you really have come out of your shell.  You have found your voice and you are not afraid to let anyone hear it.  Just last year you would not even talk to someone (let alone look at them) if you didn’t know them (or sometimes even if you did know them), but you have decided shy is not for you.  Thank goodness because you are just so full of personality that I am glad everyone (not just the select few) get to see it!

Now…5 is a huge milestone birthday for me.  I feel like it is when you stop being a toddler and you become a kid.  Like a real grown kid.

Your 5 year old world is so amazing.    Barbies, coloring, bike riding, dress-up…I never want to leave.  I want to stay in this world forever…or at least pause it so that I can remember every little thing that you did, what you said and how your cute little voice said it.

So, I have five wishes for you this year:

  1. Be You!  Don’t be anything but you.  Don’t let other people tell you who you should be.  Just be you.  Relish who you are and do not hope for who you cannot be.
  2. Spread joy and be kind.  Treat others like you would want to be treated.  Basic rule that will follow you your entire life.  Say please, say thank you, don’t brag, be respectful, etc…you get the picture.
  3. Be happy.  Be 5.  Run wild, dance carelessly, sing loudly.  Do things that make you happy.
  4. Be Strong.  Remember that girls (and little blonde girls especially) are just as strong as everyone else.  Along your way on this journey of life, someone will say “you can’t do that…you are a girl” to which I want you to reply “watch me”.  Let these people know that you are a force to be reckoned with!
  5. Listen.  Sometimes the best thing you can do in life is to just listen.  Whether it is to your teacher, your parents, your friends, God, birds, nature…just listen.  Take it in and learn.

I am forever grateful that you are my daughter….my mini-me.  I am forever changed…and forever your momma.

This is life at 5.  I know you will make me proud.  I know you will shine.

I love you goosey goo.

Happy Birthday!