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8 year stats

Height: 4ft 1in (27th percentile)

Weight: 56.5 lbs (50th percentile)

Shoe size: 1.5

Some day she will get tall(er).  Some day…

A letter to my daughter on her 8th birthday


Another year in the books and you just keep getting older!

I look at you every day and still see the little girl in your face.  I comment on how you don’t look any different than you did when you were tiny.  I say all the time that you look exactly the same as you did when you were a toddler but now you are just taller (not much though!).

However, a few days ago we were looking back a pictures of you when you were a baby and a toddler and oh my goodness I was wrong.  You have grown up so much.  You still have your blonde hair and dark brown eyes, but you have definitely lost your “baby” look.  You are such a beautiful girl, inside and out.

You are a caring person with such a big heart.  You always want to help with anything and everything.   You are a great friend and are always willing to include people.  I admire you for that.

While 80% of the time you are a golden child…there are still times that you are so stubborn and hormonal (or at least I think it is hormones).  If we have to wake you up for anything…watch out…you turn into such a grouchy pants.  You are angry at me for waking you up, you are angry at your pants because they don’t fit right, you are angry at your shirt because it isn’t the right color…you get the point.  And really the only way to fix your mood..is with food.  Food will cheer you right up.

Things that you love (in no particular order):

  1. friend/family
  2. cooking
  3. slime
  4. dance and gymnastics

You make slime every.single.day.  You are obsessed.  You have a slime station in the garage that is filled with every possible ingredient and mix in for slime you can think of.  You have bucket and buckets full of slime that you have made and keep and treasure.  You watch slime videos on you tube when you are making or playing with slime.  You LOVE it.

You also love to cook.  You are always asking me to do a food challenge with you, where I give you some ingredients and you must create a food masterpiece (you got this from watching Chopped Jr).  You always ask to help me cook dinner also.  Which is great for me.  I love that you want to help and it definitely has led to you trying different types of food.  If you make it…even if you think it is gross…you will at least try it since you spent all the time making it.

Dance and gymnastics.  My phone and your phone are full of videos of dances and gymnastics routines that you have choreographed.  You will just turn on music and start dancing and flipping…everywhere…anywhere.  I probably should have included music in your list of favorites because really that is what starts it all.

Our house is full of so much fun and laughter.  You are just a joy to be around and really have a great sense of humor.  You can make us laugh with your witty comments and facial expressions.  You recently started adding “bro” to your sentences and I about die every time I hear.  You will be making slime with a friend and I hear you say “bro…that is some great slime”.  Cracks me up.

You and your brother…I know deep down you guys love each other very much.  And sometimes, I can actually witness the love.  However…there is alot of arguing that happens everyday.  I know you adore him and you want to show him everyday, but he is at an age where he doesn’t want to show you love all the time.  He doesn’t want to sit right next to you.  He doesn’t want to share his popcorn.  And I know that this hurts your feelings.  But don’t take too personal.  Just cherish the times when out of the blue he gives you a hug, or when he ask you to watch tv in his room.  This is how he shows his love.

So…for your 8th birthday I am going to tell you 8 things I love about you!

  1.  Your love of cuddling
  2. Our secret kiss shake we do right before bed
  3. Your dimples that only appear when you smile with crinkled eyes
  4. Your self-confidence
  5. Your fearlessness
  6. Your creativeness
  7. Your kindness to your friends
  8. Your earlobes…well I love everything about you…but your earlobes are just so dang soft!

I know this year is going to be amazing for you.  You are going to rock 3rd grade like no other!  Keep being you, because you are just so dang good at it!

Goosey Goose…I love you more than all the fishes in the sea!


Jenna’s 8th birthday interview


color: purple

animal: llama

book: Heidi Heckelbeck books

food: pasta

store: justice

toy/game: slime

sports team: packers and brewers and bucks

tv show: loud house

movie: angry birds 2

song: girl on fire

best friend: Jaxson and Maddie and Ryann

snack: popcorn

drink: milk

thing to sleep with: stuffies different every night

breakfast: waffles

boyfriend???: no!

sport to play: dance

school subject: math

least favorite food: eggs

what do you want to be when you grow up: PE teacher or hair stylist and a mom obviously.

11th birthday interview

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite animal: Cheetah

Favorite book: diary of a wimpy kid

Favorite food: bacon

Favorite store: dicks sporting goods

Favorite toy/game: madden and exploding kittens

Favorite team: packers

Favorite tv show: NFL games

Favorite movie: jumanji

Favorite song: none

Favorite snack: popcorn

who is your best friend: I don’t have a best friend…i have a lot of friends

Favorite drink: root beer

Favorite breakfast: bacon

Favorite sport: football

Favorite subject: math

Do you have a girlfriend: no!

least favorite food: peanuts

what do you want to be when you grow up: football player

Happy 11th Jaxson


11!  Is that even possible?  How did we get here so quickly?  You will be going to middle school next year and I am just not ready for this phase.  If I could, I would keep you in this little bubble for the rest of your life.  But I know that you are ready.  You are ready to grow up.  You are ready to experience life.  You are ready to make new friends and take new adventures.

You are the most responsible 5th grader I know.  You are so dedicated to school, sport, family and friends and somehow you make time for all of these things.  You chose to have a very busy schedule that demands a lot out of you, but you are always up to the challenge and never complain about it.  You come home from school, immediately start your homework, eat dinner and are out the door for either soccer, football, basketball or swim every night of the week.  Then come home and finish whatever homework you might have left and go straight to bed.  You have definitely impressed me this year with your work ethic and time management skills.  You have grown up so much and I could not be prouder of you.  And you still manage to pull off straight A’s!  You are killing it.

You are a very cute boy, turning into a very handsome man right before our eyes.  You have your own style and you don’t care what other people think of you.  I love your self confidence.  You are so good at “owning” it.  I say it all the time…but with you it sticks.  “You do you!”

I want to write that you and Jenna are best friends.  However you are not.  You guys fight and argue a lot.  You like to make her mad…and she likes to push your buttons.  So while you are not best friends (there is still time for that to happen), you do love each other A LOT.  Recently, while on vacation with many people, you guys had not really seen each other all day because you were both so busy playing with other kids, that at the end of the night when it was time to go to bed, I came to find you guys and caught you both sitting on the stairs having a conversation about their day.  Moments like that melt my heart.  I know you have each other’s back, even though sometimes, I feel like the bickering will never end!

And now I will give you 11 life lessons:

  1. Always be curious.  Keep asking questions.  Keep looking for new solutions.
  2. Trust your gut.  When something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.  Don’t ignore that feeling you get in your stomach.  It is telling you which way to go, and what to do or not do in many situations.
  3. Righty Tighty Lefty Loosy.  Just remember this.  FOREVER!
  4. Life isn’t fair.  And it doesn’t have to be.
  5. Don’t be one of those kids that has their noses stuck in their phones.  Look up and enjoy the scenery.
  6. Treat others as you want to be treated.  This should actually be #1.  It is important at every phase in your life.  Want to keep friends that will be lifetime friends…be loyal to them.  Want your parents and teachers to respect you…respect them.  Want your sister to leave you alone sometimes…leave her alone sometimes.
  7. Perfection is boring.  I will say it again.  You do you.  No one is perfect…and no one should be.
  8. Nobody likes a bragger.  Nobody.
  9. Apologize often.  If you make a mistake…own it, apologize and move on.
  10. Don’t be scared to say NO.
  11. You are loved.  No matter what.  No questions asked.  You are loved.

Since making me a mother 11 years ago, you have taught me that life has a bigger purpose.  I think less of myself.  I am willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.  There’s nothing I wouldn’t give up to be at your games, and stand beside you through all of your life’s big and small moments.   Love you with all my heart monkey moo!




Jenna’s 7 year old stats

Height: 3’10.5″ (25th percentile)

Weight: 50lbs 12.8 oz (51st percentile)

feet size: 12 (maybe close to a 1).


She is tiny by mighty!

Jenna’s 7th Birthday Interview

The tradition continues…


color: purple

animal: cat

book: princess in black

food: Chinese fried rice

store: target

toy/game: playing school

sports team: packers

tv show: loud house

movie: open season

song: meant to be (FGL and bebe rexha)

best friend: Maddie and Ryann

snack: popcorn

drink: milk

thing to sleep with: nothing

breakfast: waffles

boyfriend: NO!

sport to play: soccer

school subject: science

least favorite food: boiled eggs

what she wants to be when she grows up: mom and a PE teacher